Who we are

PromtMedia works with a wide range of clients and product. Our work is focused on the realms of online businesses and our core competence area covers the whole spectra of what today constitutes as online marketing. One of the many focus areas for us is homing in on the potential of social media. PromtMedia Group offers package solutions with a fully competent team specially designed to meet every individual client’s need and capabilities.

Everything produced by PromtMedia is in-house, and because of that we build a total workflow from idea to full service solution for the end client. With this chain of workflow the client can with ease concentrate on what they do best, which is to work with the actual business, the rest is handled by us here at PromtMedia.

2 thoughts on “Who we are
  1. Hi John,

    You’re trying to contact me in regards to my website. I replied 3 times, but seems my mail doesn’t reach you. Maybe accidently went into your spam folder. Please contact me on the mail above. Thanks!


    • Hi Chris,

      Sorry for the delay in my reply. I tried to contact you back and send you an alternative email address. I hope to hear from you soon.

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